Carl Sittmann

An Introduction

Carl Sittmann wines are named after a local wine merchant who founded a winery in 1879. Carl was dedicated to producing high quality wine that can be enjoyed daily by everyone. Today, Carl Sittmann continues to produce high quality wines that everyone can enjoy. The grapes are sourced from dedicated growers in some of Germany’s most respected wine regions.

Mosel Vineyards

Along the serpentine route of the Mosel, the river banks rise so sharply that the vineyards carpeting the slopes are among the steepest in the world, with some planted at an astounding 70-degree grade. On these steep inclines, nearly all labor must be done by hand, including tying each vine to its own eight-foot wooden stake as well as carrying up the slate soil that has washed down with the winter rains. Riesling is the primary grape grown in Devonian slate in the steep areas and sandy, gravelly soils in the flatlands near the river’s edge of the middle Mosel Valley.

Rheinhessen Vineyards

The gentle rolling hills of the Rheinhessen region provide the ideal setting for the early ripening Dornfelder grape. The famous red limestone soils of the region are essential to providing the character of the wine.


Please drink responsibly.

Carl Sittmann Riesling
Carl Sittmann Riesling Late Harvest Spatlese
Carl Sittmann Winery